An interesting fact is that Negev Produce produces about 150,000 tons a year. Out of that, 80,000 are directed for the local consumer market, 25,000 for industrial use (such as frozen fries, potato chips, Potatoes, etc.). and the rest is exported to various countries.
The broad and constant common factors of all of the crops grown by Negev Produce are professional farmers. Clear protocols are applied and naturally, use of pesticides is minimal. Negev Produce is particular in maintaining quality throughout the process. from germination to delivery to the consumer in all our points of sale in Israel and over the world.

Getting to Know Different Types of Potatoes

Potatoes are a staple food in many cultures around the world. There are many different types of potatoes that are used to create various dishes. We’ve compiles a list of some of the most common types of potatoes which include

Russet potatoes

This type of potatoes are large, brown skinned potatoes.
They have a high starch content, which makes them perfect for making

  • fluffy mashed potatoes 
  • crispy French fries
  • also often used to make baked potatoes, they have a dry, fluffy texture when cooked.

In the United States russet potatoes are the most common type of potato grown. 
And for good reason, they’re delicious and
Thos potatoes are most commonly used for baking and frying.

Yukon Gold potatoes

medium-sized, yellow skinned potatoes that are known for their buttery flavor and smooth texture. They are perfect for making

  • creamy mashed potatoes
  • soups
  • stews
  • potato salads

They can also be used for baking and frying but tend to be less crispy than Russet potatoes. 

Red potatoes

Small, round potatoes with red skin and white flesh. They have a slightly waxy texture and are great for

  • boiling
  • steaming
  • roasting.

Red potatoes are also often used in potato salads and as a side dish for meat and poultry dishes. Red potatoes are especially healthy due to their nutrient filled skins. They’re loaded with

  • fiber
  • vitamins B 
  • iron
  • potassium.

Fingerling potatoes

Small, finger-shaped potatoes that come in a variety of colors, including

  • yellow
  • purple
  • red.

Fingerling potatoes have a nutty flavor and a firm texture, great for

  • roasting
  • grilling.
  • salads
  • as a side dish

New potatoes

Small, young potatoes that are harvested before they reach maturity. They have a thin, delicate skin, and a buttery, delicate flavor. They are typically

  • boiled
  • steamed
  • served as a side dish with butter and herbs.

potatoes can be used in a wide variety of dishes

In general, potatoes are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of dishes. However, it’s important to choose the right type of potato for the dish you are preparing. Some types are better suited for certain culinary applications than others. For example, if you are looking to make crispy French fries, use a high starch potato like a Russet. Whereas if you want to make creamy mashed potatoes, you’ll want to use a low starch potato like a Yukon Gold.

Dod Moshe’s Gourmet Potato series

Dod Moshe’s signature product is potatoes. that potatoes carefully picked and packed with uniform size, appearance and even distinctive flavors..
Negev Produce exporting and marketing potatoes worldwide in addition to the domestic market.
We exports potatoes to an array of countries.
varieties are adjusted to each country and marketing channel, to meet characteristics based on consumer preferences. Negev Produce exports to Great Britain tiny, white and round potato varieties. Export to Italy is of yellow, big and semi-mealy potatoes.

crispy potatoes by Dod Moshe - a UK and US vegetable wholesaler

Growth Potato

After seeding, potatoes take approximately 140 days to reach their gathering stage. Some varieties have a different growth period.
The potatoes are grown in the sandy soil of the Western Negev. This making it easier to maintain peel quality.
Potato farmers follow a uniform cultivation protocol and get intensive training from the seeding stage, through gathering, sorting and packaging to delivering the product at the consumer’s doorstep.

Weather conditions

the weather in the Western is optimal for potato growing. Negev Produce have means and ways to cope with these challenges. We protect the crops and mitigate the storm’s damages.

Storage Potato

In order to provide quality produce throughout the year, Negev Produce stores the potatoes in refrigeration rooms with special conditions subject to their destination. Our refrigeration rooms allows us to retain the produce for a long time.


Negev Produce has the most advanced packinghouse in the country with

  1. State of the art technology
  2. Advanced infrastructure
  3. High end professional human capital.

These enable us to gather the finest potatoes from the field and deliver them all the way to the consumer.

Our products around the world

Negev Produce exporting and marketing potatoes worldwide – in addition to the domestic market to a variety of countries.
Varieties are adjusted to each country and marketing channel, to meet characteristics based


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