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Sourcing Delicious Fruits and Vegetables All Year Round

We all love eating delicious fruits and vegetables all year round. They’re also an important part of any healthy diet. But what happens when you live in a country that doesn’t enjoy ideal weather. How do you get through the cold winter months without any fruits and vegetables. To avoid such a scenario, countries across Europe import their fruits and vegetables from warmer countries such as Israel. In fact, Israel has ideal weather and soil conditions for growing fruits and veggies all year round. Potatoes, carrots, citrus fruit, avocados and more, Israel is a top exporter to Europe and beyond. Negev Produce is one of Israel’s leading producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables. Keep reading to find out more about our delicious produce.

Fluffy Potatoes

Among our most famous variety of spuds is the Dod Moshe potato. Our signature potatoes are perfect for cooking a wide variety of meals. They are perfect for French fries or oven roasted potatoes. We carefully select each potato to ensure uniform size and appearance. Dod Moshe has a unique nutty flavor and soft texture. From the moment the seeds are planted until our potatoes are ready to be harvested can take approximately 140 days. We thoroughly inspect each potato before packaging and shipping it around the world. Each one must meet specific requirements to ensure the highest quality.

In addition to our Dod Moshe potato Negev Produce grows red, white, and yellow varieties as well. Each type is best suited for different cooking scenarios. For example, red potatoes are best for frying such as making French fries. White potatoes are great for cooking including adding to salads. Yellow potatoes are perfect for baking and make scrumptious oven roasted potatoes.

Crunchy Carrots

We grow our carrots in the Negev region located in the south of Israel. We grow multiple types of carrots all year round as each season yields different varieties. Some of our most popular varieties include the Nairobi, Melodio, Natuna and Dordogne. Each of our different types of carrots has unique properties in addition to their delicious flavor and texture. For example, the Nairobi has a wonderful flavor and lovely color. The Melodio can be kept in storage for longer time and has a nice color both inside and outside. Negev Produce has been supplying our many varieties of carrots to Europe, Britain, France, Netherlands and more.


We implement a strict policy set by all the relevant domestic and foreign quality standards as well as complying with all the relevant directives issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. There are several basic standards in the quality and standardization system: most farmers are GLOBAL G.A.P. qualified (food and residue pesticide quality and supervision standard.) BRC standard - a stricter standard of packinghouses marketing products such as carrots in European countries. Organic standard - present as part of the customers' health requirements. ISO standard - as well as standards designated by customers such as TESCO with its own specific standards adjusted to meet its own demands and requirements.

Product quality

We, in Negev Produce , make sure that all the products grown and marketed by us meet the strictest standards and are in the highest quality.
Throughout the process, from the plants growing in the fields to delivery to the consumer, quality control takes place in many points, from inspection of the seeds before reaching the farmers to shipment of produce to the customer.
The process is operated under supervision of the Plant Protection and Inspection Services (PPIS) at the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture samples the produce in the packinghouse, performing occasional inspections and eventually, approves the marketing and distribution of the produce.

Sweet and Sour Citrus Fruits

How doesn’t love a sweety and tangy orange or the zest lemon adds to both food and drinks. Unfortunately, citrus fruit requires warm weather and ideal soil conditions to grow. This makes it difficult to grow citrus fruits in colder climate countries like places across Europe. Did you know that Negev Produce grows approximately seven thousand tons of citrus fruit a year. This includes both for domestic and export to countries around the world. We specialize mostly in oranges and lemons and that have bright beautiful colors and filled with juice.

Heavenly Avocados

We recognize avocados not only as delicious but also as a superfood. Packed with 20 different vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients making this fruit popular around the world. At Negev Produce we also love avocados which is why we grow 14 distinct varieties. Some of our more popular varieties include the Galil, Ettinger, Fino, Fuerte and Pinkerton to name a few. We grow our avocados in the western Negev of Israel, where the temperatures are ideal for preserving their quality. Negev Produce grows and harvests avocados all year round to ensure that we meet the high demand. And with so much demand Negev Produce ships all our avocados to Europe many other places around the world.

Tiny and Tasty Small Radishes

Did you know radishes are closely related to wasabi. It’s a type of horseradish which is usually converted to paste form and served as a condiment. These tiny vegetables can add some flavor and zest to any salad. We grow tiny radishes across 1,000 acres of land in the western Negev of Israel. This has allowed us to create some of the most sought after varieties. Every year Negev Produce exports 8,000 tons of small radishes a year. We export 4,500 tons of it to countries all over Europe and the rest of the world. We sell the rest domestically to local restaurants, supermarket chains, and specialty stores.

Savory Sweet Potatoes

Although sweet potatoes and regular potatoes come from the same family each has their own unique taste and texture. Sweet potatoes are healthier and contain many fibers and nutrients which make them a great addition to any healthy meal. The weather and soil conditions in Israel’s Negev region are ideal for growing sweet potatoes. Some of our more popular strains include Georgia Jet, Beauregard, Orleans and Evangeline. In order to preserve our sweet potatoes, we store them in refrigerated storage facilities before shipping around the world.

Exporting our Produce to Europe

If you currently live in Europe and are searching to source fresh fruits and vegetables, Negev Produce can help. We ship thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables to countries across Europe each year. We mostly ship by sea but can send by air fright for rush deliveries. The main ports we ship to include Britain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Russia. From there produce is transported in temperature controlled trucks to their final destination. All this is accomplished with years of experience and partnering with leading shipping companies and suppliers around the world. If you’re looking to import fresh fruits and vegetables to Europe, click here for more information.

Our products around the world

The company aims its worldwide marketing efforts at dozens of countries in Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the US, amounting to approximately 50% of its overall sales. The company exports potatoes, carrots, small radish, citrus fruit and avocado.

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