International markets  and customers

Negev Produce’s International markets operations span over dozens of countries in Europe and the US. We supply the best quality and freshness in the global marketplace.

Through the use of a professional and efficient supply chain. We can maximize product exposure and drive its consumption in several countries around the world and even track products for quality control and Logistics Management.

Working with International Markets

Negev Produce specializes in growing and exporting high-quality fruits and vegetables to various international markets around the world. Negev Produce has established a reputation for producing top-notch produce that not only tastes great but also benefits the environment.

We work with a wide range of international customers, including supermarket chains, wholesalers, and distributors to name a few. Negev Produce is dedicated to meeting the needs of its international customers. We accomplish this by providing a diverse range of fruits and vegetables that are grown to the highest standards. Negev Produce prides itself on delivering consistently fresh and flavourful produce. Whether it’s avocados, potatoes, radishes, citrus fruit or carrots, we’re committed to providing the best produce to our international clientele.

Commitment to Excellence

Negev Produce has a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. We operate modern, state-of-the-art facilities that use the latest technology to ensure everything is grown in the best possible conditions. From planting to harvesting, Negev Produce is dedicated to ensuring that all fruits and vegetables are of the highest quality. In addition, we ensure they reach customers in perfect condition. We are dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with international customers, and work closely with them to meet their specific needs.

Shipping and Logistics

We understand the challenges that come with shipping fruits and vegetables internationally. This includes the need for quick delivery, as well as the importance of ensuring the produce arrives in perfect condition. To solve this problem, we have invested in advanced logistics and transportation solutions. This ensures that our produce reaches international customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Logistics team

Negev Produce’s logistics team is knowledgeable and experienced in handling international shipments. They work closely with shipping companies to ensure the produce is transported in a way that protects it from damage. Negev Produce uses high-quality packaging materials and temperature-controlled containers to ensure the produce arrives at its destination in perfect condition. We also use real-time tracking systems to monitor the progress of shipments. Giving our customers confidence and complete peace of mind.

Our produce is shipped to one of many ports across Britain, Europe, the Netherlands, and Russia. From there the fruits and vegetables continue their journey by truck to reach their final destination. Whether your located in Europe, United States or United Kingdom we can handle all your fruits and vegetables needs. From packing delicious produce to shipping them in temperature-controlled containers and trucks we ensure you get only the best.