Thanks to our daily efforts, both domestically and globally, consumers enjoy the freshness and quality of the Negev farmers' Produce
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Thanks to our daily efforts, both domestically and globally, consumers enjoy the freshness and quality of the Negev farmers' Produce


Negev Produce is an agricultural cooperative society. It makes a connection between the consumer and the farmer with a vision and objective of delivering the best and finest produce to any consumer worldwide. Behind every potato, carrot, small radish, avocado and citrus fruit, there are hardworking people with a scent of soil on their hands. We are here for you, from germination to vending stands all over the world.


Global responsibility

Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit is a significant part of human nutrition and a healthy way of life. Negev Produce complies with the most advanced standards and regulations, taking an initiative, being involved in all the important stages from pre-growth to delivering the final product to the consumers' plate.

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We, at Negev Produce, are obligated to provide each and every customer prime agricultural produce and excellent service each and every day, 365 days a year. Our global operation encompasses a varied worldwide clientele, enjoying good, high-quality and fresh produce.



Our company holds one of the largest systems of packinghouses in Israel, spread over an area of some 50 acres with 350 dedicated and loyal workers. Using advanced technologies, optical sorting without human intervention and meticulous conveying, maintaining the product's freshness along time, we thoroughly clean, filter, screen, sort, store all along the way to packaging and marketing the best quality agricultural produce.


International markets and customers

Global Supply Chain

Our products around the world

The company aims its worldwide marketing efforts at dozens of countries in Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the US, amounting to approximately 50% of its overall sales. The company exports potatoes, carrots, small radish, citrus fruit and avocado.

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Innovation, R&D and sustainability

Innovation, R&D and sustainability Negev Produce is in the forefront of agricultural technology, know-how and innovation in Israel and globally. Innovation begins in the fields and the
Negev farmers position themselves at the frontline of progress,
technology and agronomy in field and orchard cultivation
for over seventy years. The company has proven its capabilities and experience in a variety of soils, water types and advanced technologies, developing new strains and products based
on the ones already adjusted to the Israeli palette and overseas markets, ranging from agriculturally growing seaweed to super foods.


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