Did you know?

Negev Produce packages and markets various types of citrus fruit, mostly oranges and lemons in conjunction with a fellow subsidiary, Hadari Maon. Since we’re both local and international Fruit and vegetable wholesalers, the annual marketed quantity reaches approximately 7000 tons of citrus fruit.

Further details

In Negev Produce, we focus on sale of citrus in the domestic market with a specialization in lemon and summer lemon of all things,
with a bright yellow peel and extra juice.

Fruits & Vegetables


Negev Produce promotes and markets to meet demand. Each country, with its various and varying consumer preferences, has different and special varieties. Negev Produce grows and markets over a 100 different potato varieties!

Small radish

They are small, grow in temperate areas and are exported to a range of countries as well as to the domestic market. This is almost all there is to know on Negev Produce’s small radish


Negev Produce's carrots are grown in the soil of the western Negev. Different varieties are accustomed to different seasons and at times, to different soil types. Being  the International Farmers that we are, we'll add that sowing spans from July to November. Growing takes between 100 to 180 days. Gathering is carried out 3.5 to 6 months later.


Here in Negev Produce, we grow different varieties such as Galil, Ettinger, Fino, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Reed, Hass, Harvest, Gem, Nir, Ardith, BL and Wurtz. Every avocado variety is unique in its peel, texture and taste.

sweet potatoes

The Negev Produce sweet potatoes are grown in the Western Negev soil. The variety includes strains designed for the local and export markets. Planting takes place from April to June. Cultivation period ranges from 100 to 150 days. Harvesting is done during the autumn.