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Negev produce looks at agriculture through its eyes, connecting the consumer and the farmer, with the aim of bringing the best and highest quality goods. At the most fair price for the consumer in Israel and abroad, while maximizing the return for the farmer. All of our potatoes, carrots, radishes, avocados, sweet potatoes and citrus fruits have been grown by people with a sense of earth, working the earth and doing agriculture is our essence. We are here, from the growing stage to the stand in all our marketing points in Israel and abroad. At Negev Produce we have a wide product basket, it allows us to implement the company’s vision and strategy, thanks to these good people: product managers, farmers, trade and sales people, logistics and finance , marketing and distribution in Israel and abroad, export to Europe, USA and Russia

The owners of the company are farmers who have made it their goal to realize the business vision in agriculture, therefore our connection with the growers is essential. From the moment the goods are collected in the field until they reach the consumer, we operate transparently, with hard work, in a uniform language, according to the strategy. We optimize processes and improve logistics. We are ‘Negev Produce’, we promote agricultural produce, of high quality and choice. We have the best growing areas, quality brands, sophisticated packaging houses. We market the produce in Israel and around the world. We are one chain that connects the farmer to the consumer. When you buy ‘Negev produce’ you are buying a product from farmers, with the smell of earth and work and doing, who grow the best vegetables and fruits for you. I invite you to contact us on any issue related to the supply of fruits and vegetables in Israel and around the world

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