Globale Lieferkette

Die logistische Verwaltung des Exports ist komplex und herausfordernd. Unser leitender Schwerpunkt ist die Erhaltung der Frische und der Qualität der Erzeugnisse vom Anfang bis zum Ende.

From the field to you

Negev Produce is delivered from the field to the customer Using a meticulous and continuous method. The logistic Management of the export is complex and professional, but the top priority is keeping the freshness & quality throughout the way.

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Sorting and packaging machines

Negev Produce improves its sorting and packaging operations, with the use of state-of-the-art robotics and other components of operational excellence - meeting international quality standards.

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Maritime shipping

Negev Produce ships its products by maritime shipping with the backup of the required documents and certificates and follows up on the merchandise even when at sea, through unloading until it reaches the customers.

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Customer satisfaction

The experience, meticulous follow up and abiding to service, quality and product freshness bring customer satisfaction to new heights time and time again.


We implement a strict policy set by all the relevant domestic and foreign quality standards as well as complying with all the relevant directives issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

There are several basic standards in the quality and standardization system: most farmers are GLOBAL G.A.P. qualified (food and residue pesticide quality and supervision standard.) BRC standard - a stricter standard of packinghouses marketing products such as carrots in European countries.

Organic standard - present as part of the customers' health requirements. ISO standard - as well as standards designated by customers such as TESCO with its own specific standards adjusted to meet its own demands and requirements.

Product quality

We, in Negev Produce, make sure that all the products grown and marketed by us meet the strictest standards and are in the highest quality.
Throughout the process, from the plants growing in the fields to delivery to the consumer, quality control takes place in many points, from inspection of the seeds before reaching the farmers to shipment of produce to the customer.
The process is operated under supervision of the Plant Protection and Inspection Services (PPIS) at the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture samples the produce in the packinghouse, performing occasional inspections and eventually, approves the marketing and distribution of the produce.

Our products around the world

The company aims its worldwide marketing efforts at dozens of countries in Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the US, amounting to approximately 50% of its overall sales. The company exports potatoes, carrots, small radish, citrus fruit and avocado.