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Our vision

Negev Producet looks farmers in the eye, bring together the consumer and farmer with a purpose of delivering the best and finest quality product for a fair price to the domestic and overseas consumer, while maximizing the farmer's return.


Our credo

Each and every potato , carrot, small radish, avocado and citrus fruit we supply were grown by hardworking people with the smell of soil on their hands. Farming and agricultural work are our core. We are here for you, from germination to the stand in any of our points of sale in Israel and over the world. We, in Negev Producet, have a wide product assortment that includes potatoes, citrus fruit, small radish, carrot and avocado. This assortment allows us to fulfill the company's vision and strategy thanks to the good people such as product managers, farmers, as well as those dealing with trade, sales, logistics, finance, domestic and overseas distribution, marketing and export, specializing in Europe, Russia and the US.


Uncompromising quality

Negev Produce employs skilled workers handling everything from growth, through gathering, sorting, packaging to marketing. Negev Produce's crops, spread out over the largest territory in Israel, in conjunction with professional growers, crystal clear protocols, minimal use of pesticides and strict product standards. The future is already here! All is done under the best quality control performed throughout the chain of growing until it is delivered to the end-customer.


Innovation and branding

In a world of varying consumption culture, Negev Produce generates branding the innovation, business expansion and consciousness manifested in differentiation of its varied products. An example of this is our premium brand the Dod Moshe (Uncle Moshe, the Israel equivalent to Old McDonald.)
As a market leader, the company directs the consumer to choose wisely, distinguish between products, such as a potato intended for frying or for cooking, leading to an improved purchase quality. Throughout the process, we carry out feedback surveys, maintain on-going contact with retailers and wholesalers in every marketing channel with the intention of maximizing and optimizing processes, leading the market and at the same time, maximizing the return the farmer gets.


Fulfilling the farmers' business mission

The company owners are farmers who have made it their goal to fulfill the business vision of agriculture, making our connection with the growers so essential. As soon as the produce is gathered in the field, we work with transparency, hard work, using unequivocal language and following the preset strategy. We optimize processes and enhance logistics. We, at Negev Produce , promote high quality and choice agricultural product. We have the best area available for growing, quality brands and state-of-the-art packinghouses. We market the produce domestically and worldwide. We are a single chain linking the farmer to the consumer. When you buy Negev Produce, you buy a product of farmers with hands smelling of soil; you buy their toil and work, growing for you the best vegetables and fruit.


Negev Produce looks farmers in the eye, connecting the consumer to the farmer with the vision and purpose of delivering the best and finest quality product for a fair price to the domestic and overseas consumers and customers, while maximizing the farmer's return.
We believe that behind every potato, carrot, small radish, avocado and citrus there are hardworking people with the smell of soil on their hands, working and creating and this is our essence. We are here for you, from germination to delivery to the consumer in all our points of sale in Israel and over the world.


One of the most important processes in the way from gathering of the produce to the arrival of the vegetables and fruit to the consumer's doorstep takes place in the packinghouse. This is where the vegetables and fruit undergo an advanced treatment, theyr are thoroughly cleaned, the sand is cleared away, the produce is quality selected and size and type sorted, it is kept in a different and suitable temperature if required for a lengthy time, it is packed and dispatch them to the various marketing channels and from there they are delivered to the consumers. The packinghouse is part of the agricultural value chain, beginning in the field, ending at the consumer's.


Most worldwide customers consume fruit and vegetables as a vital part of their daily nutrition within and without their homes. Therefore, Negev Produce considers itself relevant to any person in the nutritional area every single day, 365 days a year. Negev Produce's global operations span over a wide variety of customers in Europe and the US who enjoy an improved, high-quality and fresh produce.

Global responsibility

Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit is a significant part of human nutrition and constituting a healthy way of life.
This is why such products in every home compel growers, producers and marketers to employ optimal quality in growing, sorting, packaging and conveying the produce. Negev Produce complies with the most advanced standards and regulations, taking an initiative and being involved in all the important stages from pre-growth to delivering the final product to the consumers' plate.